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  • About Western Mathematics Exams

    Our Core Focus

    Our aim is to produce exam papers, and assessment tasks that can be easily used by teachers in their classrooms and examination rooms to provide valid and reliable assessment of their students learning.

    All our products are written by teachers with extensive experience in classrooms as well as extensive knowledge of examination and test setting.

    Our Assessment Tasks and Trial Examinations are provided only to schools. You can reduce your workload and still use new and original tasks each year.

    Our Products include:

    The Assessment Bank

    The Assessment Bank is in its 5th year of production and continues to evolve as we receive teacher feedback. Our reasoning in beginning the Bank was that teachers often use one mark objective and subjective questions as a part of their assessment tasks. These short answer questions are a very focused way to assess learning but can be very time consuming to write. So we designed the Assessment Bank as a series of topic tests which are based on the content from year 7 to year 10 of the Australian Curriculum. The tests are written in MS word tables so that they can be used as they are; to assess learning on a certain topic; or individual questions can be cut from the topic tests and pasted into other types of assessment or revision tasks, such as exams, revision sheets, homework sheets etc.

    When you initially purchase you receive all of the topic tests and and exams written in previous years, and the current years tests and exams. You can then update your assessment bank each year with a complete set of new topic tests, Year 10 exams in two levels and any other updates that have occurred during the year.

    NSW Trial HSC and Preliminary Exams

    We produce Trial HSC Exams and Preliminary Final Exams for the NSW Syllabus and have done so for many years. Experienced practicing teachers are involved in all stages of the process to ensure the exams are true to the syllabus and reflect the style and content of the HSC Exams. We took particular care over the last two years with the new HSC exam in Mathematics General 2, referring to the syllabus and the specimen paper from the Board as well as the 2014 and 2015 HSC papers, and the results have been papers which are very similar in style and content to the actual HSC Exams.

    Past HSC and Preliminary Papers

    We make available all the past years papers for sale at significantly reduced prices. Note however that these papers were written for the course and exam as it stood at the time and do not reflect the style of current exams with multiple choice questions in all papers.