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We are proud to continue to provide reliable and valid assessment tasks in 2022.

We hope for a more normal year for all schools this year. As always, we can provide schools with:

  • HSC Trial Exams

  • Preliminary Final Exams

  • Free Practice Papers

  • Free Resource materials

Trial HSC Exams and Preliminary Final Exams

Quality Trial HSC and Preliminary Final Exams set by experienced teachers.

Fully worked solutions with a marking scale and a mapping grid are provided for all exams.

Papers will be available by the middle of term two, which allows schools who run trials early to preview and edit papers.

The papers are provided in both MS Word and PDF formats.

The papers are based on the current syllabus for each course, and reflect recent changes including the introduction of the Mathematics Standard Course in Yr 11 and 12 and the other new courses in year 11.
Click the Order Forms link above

Free Preliminary, HSC and Year 10 Practice Exams and other Resources

Practice papers are provided for the HSC and Preliminary year for the new Standard course and for the Year 10 courses. These can be found on the Free Stuff tab above.

Subscription Packages to Suit All

To reduce our costs and to avoid price rises, we have grouped our exams into the most commonly ordered packages, which bring the price down to less than $42 per exam for the full set of exams.Note the Standard 1 Exam is provided with the Standard 2 exam at no extra cost, you can't remove it to reduce the price paid.
Many school systems require an official order form to be submitted, or require a PO number from us, which we can provide if you let us know which Package you require. Please follow the requirements of your school system.
If none of our packages meet your requirements, we can provide other combinations of exams at $55.00 per paper.

To Order:

  • Download the appropriate order form using the Order forms link at the top.

  • Complete the order form indicating the package you require and giving your details. If you ordered from us last year you do not need to add the address, phone etc unless the details have changed.
  • Scan the completed order form and your official school order and email it to
  • Fax the completed order form and your official school order to (02) 6305 6773.